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  • Regression Analysis Mod

    ...e for logged users download from here. This indicator compares four types of regres...indicates the best option. Additionally, the indicator allows recording these values...u can use 2 and 3.   От Indicators...

    3485 days ago

  • Ichimoku mod

    Here I place a mod for the Ichimoku indicator that suits me. You can compare the mod and the normal Ichimoku (lower indicator). The mod still need some pol...or registered users.   От Indicators   О...

    3496 days ago

  • The "Signal Filter" .ex indicator. Is it superior or Inferior to the Ivar or FGDI

    It certainly has more inputs to adjust but is it any better than the Ivar or FGDI? A copy is in Files for you to download and try.

    3516 days ago

  • Extreme extrapolation with extrapolator

    ...d to be combined. The yellow line is the neural net outut from the BPNN with Hodrick -Prescott filter (a mod of the BPNN) The blue Line is the indicator Extrapolator (mql code base)...

    3534 days ago

  • Dll to bridge MTQ4 and Matlab

    Hi all Do you know if it's possible to do this ?- Develop a Dll to bridge MTQ4 and Matlab, by opening a non-volatile named objects inside an indicator for interacting w/ Matlab through it.Which kind of non-volatile named objects inside an indicator I could use in this case ? regards

    3536 days ago

  • Gabor function

    ...5. As I notes there are values that are above 0 and below 0. If the output value os below 0, that will lead in practice to counter the indicator. if the indicator is positive but the output va...

    3542 days ago


    ...with Google Translate) OSCAR formula Oscar formula is the indicator I use. It can ...might go. I call it, the "Oscar" (OSC). What we seek is an indicator that will show us t...

    3554 days ago

  • beathespread EA systems

    ...t as a basis but it is a little bit more sophisticated because it is using radial basis activatin function in the neurones in order to adapt the indicator settings. This expert is not...

    3560 days ago

  • Chaiken 's Volatility and Chaiken Money Flow

    ...s interest.Chaikin Money Flow is a technical indicator used to determine if a securi...uo;s best to confirm this by combining other indicators but as Chaikin Money Flow is...short term trends it’s one of the best indicators.  

    3561 days ago

  • Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar by Al Brooks: Forex course on price action?

    ...the price action readings of the experienced trader.  Here I would like to add that price actions is not trading without indicators. No the price bars are an indicator per se. The visualization of...

    3597 days ago

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