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  • Autochartist: Pattern Recognition Scanner

    ...t in the limited functionalyty they give you a plain picture on the more exotic paris and neveron EUR/USD, however if you install the metatrader indicator you will have it in Metatrade...

    3539 days ago

  • Cumulative delta volume

    ...ybody seen cumulative delta volume indicator for mql4? There are buy sell tick separate volume indicators for each bar however a cumulative delta volume is a better indicator for looking at predominant bu...harts. some idea for buiding this indicator. Get current bid and ask val...

    3669 days ago

  • What really works?

    ...g forums. I have a server and do a lot of work on there with my core indicators I like to use and every so o...nt a lot of time with this indie! Over the last few weeks my regular indicator core just hasnt performed, he...

    3681 days ago

  • Hilbert Sine Wave

    Watch this http://emini-watch.com/products/hilbert-sine-wave/ the guy is selling his famous indicator, using deep calculation

    3683 days ago

  • oanda

    ...ic signal?if u know please post it,since im looking for the most used indicator in the retail world,we find i...ers of forexfactory,open a thread and ask people what their favourite indicator is ,so we can try them all,lo...

    3686 days ago

  • Elliotware with Trading Solutions

    ...with every new bar. It is not really a data stream but it works. The indicator allows me to export the data...d the SSA end - pointed and that data was used as an input for common indicators. For example you can use MAC...

    3686 days ago

  • Trading routine example with Brain Trend

    ...ty of the next bat to be in the same direction is bigger than the probability of reverse movement.  That is measured by the iVAR (or FGDI) indicator. Look at the shot when the fa...

    3690 days ago

  • The law of the charts and the Trade risk

    ...maximum personal risk tolerance. The second kind of risk you must be aware of is the risk in the market. To assess that risk, I use an indicator called “Average True Ra...

    3691 days ago

  • Some Novel price based charts

    ...that are available. Price based charts make indicators work  better and price...the chart looks very clean. Its a commercial indicator for NT by RJay. Channel Tren...and they certainly improve the performace of indicators. The chart type itself shows...

    3711 days ago

  • Detrended oscillator

    ...gmike ninjatrader forum elite section ( I am member) with no lag or repainting issues. It works well with range bars chart especially. One trend indicator to show a dominant trend like...

    3717 days ago

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