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  • Cycle analysis in forex

    Watch the video of this proprietary cycle analysis tool fro wave59.Was wondering whether something similar exists for mt4. I have Goertzel cycle indicator but its not quite like this....

    3722 days ago

  • Work in progress

    Hi Well, I am on the way on 3 # projects - to rewrite Burg w/ RFSDS - to write a swarm particule optimization indicator - to write something w/ Ornstein-Uhlebeck algo I will show you the rest, when my computer will be repaired jy

    3722 days ago


    Hello John Sir       Please Check parameters of indicator ht dsema indicator work perfectly. but when i try to change parameters nothing changed. please modify indicator e.g filter, cycles.  

    3725 days ago

  • just for fun

    ...+    #property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 4#property indicator_...bsp;    if(drawIndicatorTrendLines == true)  ...----------------------+int GetIndicatorLastTrough(int shift)  {&...

    3725 days ago

  • Instruments for Elliottware Trading

    ...tive backpropagation nerual net. You can download the BPNN family of indicators.  You van use them as...EMA smoothing for Cycle adapted BPNN Neural net. This makes a hybrid indicator combining: -Cycle adaptation...

    3729 days ago

  • R-FATL-SATL-Adaptive indicator

    As described about R-FATL-SALT-Adaptive indicator by richcap in forextsd.i am not creating the indicator parameters on chart like seen on the below image please help. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/9/immag...

    3731 days ago

  • Extension possibility

    It is possible to write custom indicator readings in the CSV file, in that way they can be used for inputs of neural nets or SVM models.   

    3737 days ago

  • Integration

    ...a short description how to do that. Basically what is needed is to make a video showing this that is the best way.  When you install the indicator you should be able to see the...

    3737 days ago

  • MT4 integration with Rapid Miner

    ...will look in my archives how it was done. 1. The idea is to have an indicator (expert) which writes the dat...e/Volume but also the calculated values by MT4 of any custom MT4 indicator.  For example I calcula...

    3739 days ago

  • Too many indicators

    ...ver my private research was stucked to one particular point. Too many indicators. Really too many. Look at T...SD every day come new and new elite, advanced elite, super elite, god indicators.  I do not think that...

    3739 days ago