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  • stevegee58

    About me: I'm a professional embedded software engineer, working over 20 years in the wireless communication field. I've written many indicators and EAs for myself and others for the MetaTrader platform.

    1828 days ago


  • Delicate Levels

    ...me will attck you if you don't give out your indicator. What you don't understand is...in this thread I am not going to give you an indicator. But, I am going to show you...ntal. On the pictures, posted below, are two indicators. One orange and the other wh...

    2167 days ago

  • CCI on SSA End Pointed Indicator

    I would like to show you my modification of CCI indicator - this one get as source values SSA end-pointed and...ws end of trend. It can be probably used as filter or exit signal. indicator file: Needs SSA end-pointed...

    2364 days ago

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  • Swami Stochastic

    ...D heatmap view of a technical indicator over a wide sequential range...the y-axis (height), and the indicator value (color) as the 3rd dime...D heatmap view of a technical indicator over a wide sequential range...nbsp;   От Indicators  

    2522 days ago

  • Fractal scalper (available only for logged in users)

    ...nough, and that time delay would give enough time of the directionnal indicator to give the correct direction...The directionnal signal is from the PFE (Polarysed fractal efficiency indicator). However I do not use the or...

    98 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...ist some patterns from the fractal dimension indicators. Fractal break -out&nbs...Session and the US session2. Use of fractal indicators FGDI, IVAR, FDIWe use a frac...m one state to the other. This is a new indicator find in the code base of mql....

    3139 days ago

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  • hello jaguar sir pls modify htdsema indicator as not work with latest build thanks

    973 days ago

  • still tdi indicator not show on my chart i put ssa in library even caterpillar_v3_nmc.mq4 not shown pls check

    1569 days ago

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  • fuzzylite at https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/

    fuzzylite at https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/

    This website https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/ is dedicated for fuzzy logic We are glad to have in our member jcrada, the author of this website.  Each indicator can promote a rule and ipso facto , a logic  

    2539 days ago

  • Bias, Setup, Trigger

    Bias, Setup, Trigger

    Sharing insights and experience from trading and indicator/systems development with the goal of benefitting both.

    2646 days ago

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  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    I made my own EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download the indicator with the EA from here, just click on the download button. You need to install the indicator in order to make it work the EA. And here the good ne...

    Tags: Gann, EA, High-Low Activator, indicator

    2794 days ago

  • Perceptron and Kernel Indicator mods

    The recent indicators based on the different perceptrons make a breaktrough in the way we can see indicators. Why? We can combine and visualize different indicators into one indicator We can combine different parameters of the same indicator into one composite indicator We can make a combina...

    Tags: ea, expert adviser, perceptron, kernel, indicator

    2886 days ago

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