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  • Perceptron and Kernel Indicator mods

    The recent indicators based on the different perceptrons make a breaktrough in the way we can see indicators. Why? We can combine and visualize different indicators into one indicator We can combine different parameters of the same indicator into one composite indicator We can make a combina...

    Tags: ea, expert adviser, perceptron, kernel, indicator

    2920 days ago

  • Regression Analysis Mod

    The mod is available for logged users download from here. This indicator compares four types of regression (linear, quadratic, logarithmic and exponential) and chooses the one that best fits the data analyzed. This analysis is done every time there is a new tick. In the left top corner of the ...

    Tags: indicator, mod, regression

    2968 days ago

  • Traders Dynamic Index with jurik smoothing with alers and signals

    DOWNLOAD FROM HERE (Available only for logged users). Traders  Dynamic Index with jurik smoothing with alerts. You may need to add futher smoothing in order to avoid many whipsaw signals: -Increase the RSI_period: the default 13 may be unsufficient -Add more smoothing (this will add more ...

    Tags: indicator, tdi, jurik smoothing, traders dynamic index

    3021 days ago

  • What really works?

    I have been into forex for 4 years. I am on all of the forums going, but guess what? I have found very, very little that works for me.My favourite manual system is the synergy advanced system which is a commercial system - this says a lot of things... All of the forums are stale from my perspect...

    Tags: indicator, work, fxcorrelator, works

    3163 days ago

  • 3rd Generation MA's: a new approach

    Recently I read an interested scientific publication of M. Dürschner (2011) presenting a novel type of MA, take a closer look. Worth a whileand feel free to comment. http://www.scientific-trading.com/avg3g.php http://www.vtad.de/ Tomek

    Tags: indicator, ma, 3rd gneration ma, mt4

    3204 days ago