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  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    I made my own EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download the indicator with the EA from here, just click on the download button. You need to install the indicator in order to make it work the EA. And here the good ne...

    Tags: Gann, EA, High-Low Activator, indicator

    4007 days ago

  • Neural indicator by Jaguar

    This is a new neural indicator by Jaguar. This indicator uses a neural net as an input.  PFE: Polaryzed fractal efficiency mod: tracks the general direction, this indicator is available on the mql site. OBV:On Balance Volume: the trend Stochastic: Tracks the momentum The neural net combi...

    Tags: indicator, neural net

    4227 days ago

  • a simple 3 D oscillator

    От 23 септември 2011 a simple 3 D oscillator

    Tags: indicator, oscillator

    4299 days ago

  • TTM bars with SSA end - pointed engine

    TTM Bars with SSA end-pointed engine   This is TTM bars with  SSA end - pointed engine. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable holy grail, from time to time repaints occur that is why I recommend to use higher level of lag bars ans low level of computations. Ev...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, Indicator

    4319 days ago

  • FX Correlator with JJMA smoothing

        This is a mod for FXCorrelator with jurik  type of smoothing by JJMA. Maybe you can like it. Of course you need all the JJMA libraries and files installed.  The second shot concerns th situation when we compare only the EUR and the USD, only they...

    Tags: indicator, correlation

    4345 days ago

  • Export history for data link between Metatrader 4 and Trading Solutions neural net software

    This is an indicator that exports the history from Metatrader 4 in a CSV file that can be read by Trading Solutions software. Installation: That means you need to install it in the experts folder. The indicator will write a CSV file in the folder experts/files. Use: 1. Just attach the indicat...

    Tags: Trading solutions, Metatrader, MT4, data link, indicator,

    4347 days ago

  • Hurst Difference Total

    От 23 септември 2011   This is a Hurst difference mod by Jaguar of the famous indicator Hurst difference by Jean - Philippe. The idea here is to plot simultaniously the High, Open, Low, and Close.  Jean Philippe had the idea to plot not the Hurst exponent as a valu...

    Tags: chaos tools, hurst exponent, indicator

    4364 days ago

  • TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine

    От 23 септември 2011   This is TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine. Keep in mind as I use not the end - pointed version of SSA but the regular version this indicator does not perform as it will be indicated when you plot on the chart. That is why the screen sho...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, indicator

    4201 days ago

  • BB_MACD_CCT 3rd generation

    Well I did not resisted and I did the same mod with the 3rd generation Moving average. You can comprate the performance with the SSA ep mod. I like both mods. This mod is also quie heavy on the machine. What can I say a good tool for your collection.   Installation: You need to download ...

    Tags: indicator

    4364 days ago


    Here it is the end - pointed version of the BB_MACD_CCT SSA.  I add a screen shot of this indicator. It looks very interesting indeed. The SSA ep is extracting the interesting components from the series and we build an oscillator arround. The sharp reversal pointes are well identified. ...

    Tags: indicator, ssa

    4364 days ago

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