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  • Delicate Levels

    ...technical and 10% fundamental. On the pictures, posted below, are two indicators. One orange and the other whi...of where the market will go and add the probability of success. Indicators only play into the hands of p...

    3539 days ago

  • metatraderprogrammer.com a new company

    Great work from Zoltan Laszlo Ferenci (Project Manager ) His company is able to deliver expert advisors development - you have to provide him a logic based on indicators or/and barrs and Zoltan will program your expert advisor

    3635 days ago

  • Zero lag data smoothers

    ...ese filters to nearly zero. It turns out that such filters are useful for technical analysts to smooth data, and perhaps create some fast-acting indicators. This is possible because the...

    3671 days ago

  • New MT4 is coming ! Be prepared ...

    ...tform will be converted to the new. Now your indicators are in : Users\<data_...- For those working on offline charts, your indicators who produce renkos etc. must...replace the renkos, offline charts experts, indicators. All your already existed ind...

    3684 days ago

  • Avoid EA trading after price GAP

    Because after gap some indicators behavior is not usable for EA decision, I use simple code to avoid EA...}return(result); }thats all. See the picture for bad behavior of indicators after gap and marked not to t...

    3733 days ago

  • Backup your current metatrader directory.

    ...recent source files (mq4).The directory structure changed as well, so indicators and scripts are now merged in...nd MeanrenkoBar will not be able to use the currently downloaded indicators with the new build.

    3754 days ago

  • Need to Know News

    ...ock-ups and deliver over 150 machine readable, market-moving economic indicators from the United States, Canad...For more information, please visit: www.ntkn.com or view our economic indicators, please visit: http://www.ntk...

    3852 days ago

  • MT4 is not a reliable platform

    ...5), we launched an EA working w/  a Dll including inside several indicators like the Digital Filter indic...e current bar (bar =0) for the EA, and also, some weird values on the indicators running (the IFTRSI_HP) and t...

    3944 days ago

  • The massive extinction of technical indicators

    ...he Mass Extinction of Technical Indicators? The answer to this exctionc...on seems to be to use technical indicators in other ways. The key words...becomes predictive? Technical indicators become predictive through the...s may also be another technical indicators or may be just BUY and SELL l...

    3945 days ago

  • SWFX Sentiment Index

    ...ading signals from any intraday strategies like MACD divergence or MA crossovers. If the strategy gives a BUY signal on EURUSD and the sentiment indicators for EURUSD and EUR are overbo...

    3948 days ago

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