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  • stevegee58

    About me: I'm a professional embedded software engineer, working over 20 years in the wireless communication field. I've written many indicators and EAs for myself and others for the MetaTrader platform.

    3113 days ago


  • Delicate Levels

    ...technical and 10% fundamental. On the pictures, posted below, are two indicators. One orange and the other whi...of where the market will go and add the probability of success. Indicators only play into the hands of p...

    3453 days ago

  • metatraderprogrammer.com a new company

    Great work from Zoltan Laszlo Ferenci (Project Manager ) His company is able to deliver expert advisors development - you have to provide him a logic based on indicators or/and barrs and Zoltan will program your expert advisor

    3549 days ago

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  • DLL or not DLL

    ...robot uses iCustom to call directly indicators, the second robot calls directly the indicators from a DLL. I explain ...p , we put all those code lines from indicators inside the librairies under a...p (start one) to recalculate all the indicators from SSA, Hodrick Prescott s...

    3869 days ago

  • New and a couple questions!

    ...ave a question: 1. What's the most recent version of Brain Trend that y'all are using?  It seems to be continually updated. 2. What other indicators besides IVAR do you think are...

    3939 days ago

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  • When to trade and when not to trade

    .... The original approach relies on pattern recogntion. My approach is a little bit different, I think that the fracltal dimension and the entropy indicators are giving good and very indi...

    4411 days ago

  • Fractal dimension patterns

    Here I list some patterns from the fractal dimension indicators. Fractal break -out Basically the id...the open of the European Session and the US session2. Use of fractal indicators FGDI, IVAR, FDIWe use a fract...

    4425 days ago

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  • Hey Jag, do you have a collection of 5 indicators worth playing with? I have neglected my trading bots! keen to get back into it...

    3728 days ago

  • To be true,3 years ago,I payed the licence at TSD elite. I wasn't convinced by those indicators. So, I started to develop my own indies

    3833 days ago

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  • Automated Trading Championship 2012

    Automated Trading Championship 2012

    ...talogue/mql5/experts) One data file (is placed in catalogue/mql5/files) in any format besides the executable Up to 5 custom indicators (placed in catalogue/mql5/indicators), there are no limitations on...

    4150 days ago

  • Indicator mods

    Indicator mods

    ...ven a minor mod would and will change considerably the indicator. What I will try here is to document as well as I can thr knowledge behind the indicators going, I hope so, beyound the...

    4205 days ago

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  • How to use the Belkhayate indicators?

    Download the Belkhayate indicators here (Only for logged users, register for free)   To analyze a graph El Mostafa Belkhayate uses 2 indicators which are both based on the concept of center of gravity of a stock movement.   1. The first indicator, Belkhayate Barycenter, calculates...

    Tags: indicators, trading systems

    4295 days ago

  • TDI SSA ep normalized with alerts

    TDI SSA end - pointed with normal signal with alerts. Installation: The dll file is added for convinience it is the same for all SSA end - pointed files. Comments: This mod uses the SSA end - pointed normalized as an input for the Trader's dynamic index indicator.  Trading sugge...

    Tags: mt4, indicators

    4436 days ago

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