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  • DLL or not DLL

    ...robot uses iCustom to call directly indicators, the second robot calls directly the indicators from a DLL. I explain ...p , we put all those code lines from indicators inside the librairies under a...p (start one) to recalculate all the indicators from SSA, Hodrick Prescott s...

    4004 days ago

  • New and a couple questions!

    ...ave a question: 1. What's the most recent version of Brain Trend that y'all are using?  It seems to be continually updated. 2. What other indicators besides IVAR do you think are...

    4074 days ago

  • Better Clone Support Vector Machine SVM EA

    I open this discussion about the Better Clone Support Vector Machine (SVM) EA because I would like to hear is someone has any expericence with the code on this site: Here are the SVM indicators:  Here is the SVM EA: Any suggestions are welcome.  

    4414 days ago

  • (REQ)Advanced Elite section Indicators

    please share latest (AESI) indicators for improving and testing technical trading. Newly added SWAMI indicators,MT5 Indicators,CFB qqe Indicators. Thanks.

    4448 days ago

  • accurate manual trading system

    ...; MCX Is done through manual trading. Some Of My Ideas Or Requirements  As Listed Below. A)confident entry and exists. B)Trent Detection Indicators. C)Best Timframes For Intrad...

    4579 days ago