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  • support vector echo-state machines (SVESMs)

    This is a download link for the matlab code for Support vector echo-state machines (SVESMs).'' The basic idea is replacing "kernel trick" with "reservoir trick" in dealing with nonlinearity, that is, performing linear support vector regression (SVR) in the high-dimension "reservoir" state space'.

    2446 days ago


  • sss_ai with r-squared confirmation

    ...red_CriticalValue. The r-squared shows the correlation with its linear regression line So for r-squared...ine if the trend is statistically significant for a given x-period linear regression line, plot the r-squared...

    2547 days ago

Discussion topics

  • A new Forex god

    ...eteran traders say it was easier to trade then following standard technical analysis methods (channel trading) and/or mathematical tools (as linear regression).  

    2409 days ago

  • General group discussion

    ...ork on it. This approach I call elliotware. But this complicates things, so I prefer it to keep a focus on three basic things: -basic linear regression model (channels); -volatilit...

    2547 days ago

Wire posts

  • By the way this confirms my idea that a big part of the technical analysis stuff can be reduced to the linear regression.http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/11429/intro-to-linear-regression

    2437 days ago

  • There no other formula that gave so much and punished so much by not respecting it as the linear regression.

    2589 days ago


  • Intro to Linear Regression

    ...lysis are a variation on the theme of the Linear Regression Analysis.  - Trend...the technical term very similar with the Linear regression analysis. Of course it is not...rs. Consider also the Andrew's Pitchfork (linear regression again). So the idea here is...

    2589 days ago


  • Intro to Linear Regression

    A really brief introduction to the "best fit" line through X:Y data. Watch this video. As a matter of fact all the basic technical analysis are a variation on the theme of the Linear Regression Analysis.  - Trend classification: The trend line is going up - up trend; or the Trend line is g...

    Tags: linear regression, trend, technical analysis, andrew's pitchfork

    2589 days ago