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  • Need to Know News

    ...has been proven to have a significant market impact across all asset class...t to world economic events. NTKN uses state of the art technology called A...nd deliver over 150 machine readable, market-moving economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and most rec...

    2475 days ago

  • How to trade the market states?

    ...d a question how to trade the market states from discretionary perspectiv...on) incorporates some kind of market state detection method. The basic ma...oss. He has his own method of market states identification but you can c...cumulation of open orders and market states. This is very visible in the...

    2575 days ago

  • Recent performance of Brain Trend on EUR/USD

    ...ing system, I would say it is an impulse following system. When the market state get more predictable a persistent it is able to follow it. Check about the market states analysis. Well this is not...

    2726 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper upgrade with chaotic kernel

    ...an input that is used by a "neural network" (The chaotic kernel with the genetic algorythms is different but let keep it simple.) c. Market State: The market state is used trough the stop loss,...

    2769 days ago

  • Knight Capital Group Oooooooooooooooooooooooooppppsss

    ...business. As one of the leading market makers in US stocks, Knight i...vital to smooth, orderly trading. Market makers match orders from buye...has to be some way of seeing the state of the whole system." He said...s might be necessary to safeguard markets. "We continue to closely r...

    2851 days ago

  • Reverse optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    ...ers, but to the fact that the market is very complex and reacts to...s "the simulation of the real markets data on paper only. It means...now of the true nature of the market However can we do better? Y...he time scale which makes the state of prediction possible. The bi...

    2874 days ago

  • beathespread EA systems

    ...ble than the Spian Implant to adverse market conditions. However during the out of sample the market did very good swings and the...expert you need to monitor the market state carefully. The worse that can...append is ranging and volatile market state, the expert will open a loosi...

    3004 days ago

  • Chaiken 's Volatility and Chaiken Money Flow

    ...n. Look for sharp increases in volatility prior to market tops and bottoms,  followed by low volatility as the market loses interest.Chaikin Money...ario occurs. Equally, below -0.10 and it becomes a bear state.Taking this further, above +0...

    3005 days ago

  • Market States and Neural Net trading signals

    The analyse of the market state can ve used to select the training...to incluse different kind of market states and to try to generalize a so...Hurst exponent than the Bull markets. Another approach is to use a market state and try to optimize the neura...

    3029 days ago

  • MA Cross Strategies revealed

    ...От Technical Analysis   The idea is that the moving average cross-over works really fine at a particlular market state, in that market state the market is withing the par...

    3073 days ago

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