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    ...has been proven to have a significant market impact across all asset class...t to world economic events. NTKN uses state of the art technology called A...nd deliver over 150 machine readable, market-moving economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and most rec...

    2475 days ago

  • How to trade the market states?

    ...d a question how to trade the market states from discretionary perspectiv...on) incorporates some kind of market state detection method. The basic ma...oss. He has his own method of market states identification but you can c...cumulation of open orders and market states. This is very visible in the...

    2575 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...e have a probability that the market conditions has changed and th...with a change of the fractal state of the price series.That means that the graph goes from a state of high fractal dimension to...he fractal dimension from one state to the other. This is a...

    3134 days ago

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  • Trend or Range and beyond it: Market state analysis

    Trend or Range and beyond it: Market state analysis

    This is a group where I would like to combine many different approaches. The idea is to obtain a multi dimensional picture of the market. Here I would combine: -Fractal dimension studies -Entropy studies -Tic Volume studies -Market orders studies  

    3134 days ago


  • Comment on "What is project Stargate?"

    ...y system will not perform and I stopped trading and being in the markets. And that happened exactly l...if it is possible to use the Star Gate protocols not to predict market direction but market state and volatility.   &nbs...

    3174 days ago

  • Comment on "Exit Signals"

    ...ea to activate the sell orders at those levels.  For me the market is perturbed right now, so I will not enter any more, I prefer whan the market is in a normal state. Any attempt to revenge finis...

    3036 days ago

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