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  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    ...believed to be. Yes it works but you need to carefully examine the market state using a discretionary approach (I did not find yet a way to make an algorythm for market state detection). Here are example...

    3096 days ago

  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...important that the price in the Forex markets are not in the void. They ar...pace is a space in which all possible states of a system are represented, with each possible state of the system corresponding t...lyze the beginning and the end of the market periods.   So we can...

    3197 days ago

  • Human brain and parallel signal patterns

    ...t approach is the Elliotware but I also try another approaches as the Market State Analysis.   Using neural...e to say. Look at your fundamental calendar, do not be surprised, the market orders accumulation is also...

    3210 days ago

  • Anchor and Trigger: macro and micro timeframe.

    ...on different time frames the market states are different. And this shoul...me is the anchor: This is the market state of the bigger market state Tr...ry both are trying to put the market in narrow "frames". However...top the model when the market state clearly goes beyond its desig...

    3273 days ago

  • Curtis Faith and the market state analysis

    ...When the price movement of a market behaves in a particular way or when that market is in a particular state.As the Figure illustrates, spe...markets exist in one of four states : • Stable and quiet: P...sometimes easy to tell when a market is in one of these states, both the degree of trendine...

    3274 days ago

  • Should you use your intuition in your trading?

    ...f information. You do not need a special mind state change to have an access to th...was tested in lab as far as I know an altered state of mind does not add anything...view something that is not associated with the market. For example apple is for bu...

    3275 days ago

  • About the Brain Trend Club

    ...use more smoothing than general but to obtain a fast response when the market breaks out sharpy prvoquing a...every setting. Lately I decide to disclose what I have here. This is a state of the art trend following st...

    3280 days ago

  • Rapid Miner MT4 integration

    I think that the integration between those two softwares can be very interesting. We have in the same time free market data together with state of the art machine learning software. This cost sev...

    3293 days ago