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  • Comment on "What is project Stargate?"

    ...y system will not perform and I stopped trading and being in the markets. And that happened exactly l...if it is possible to use the Star Gate protocols not to predict market direction but market state and volatility.   &nbs...

    3291 days ago

  • Comment on "Exit Signals"

    ...ea to activate the sell orders at those levels.  For me the market is perturbed right now, so I will not enter any more, I prefer whan the market is in a normal state. Any attempt to revenge finis...

    3153 days ago

  • Comment on "Market State Analysis and System Trading"

    ...ain Trend and ASCtrend experts are market followers, so they would perform very well in similar market conditions. So the job is to...e not robust). And when the market state is there you just run it, even...nd a robust systems for particular market state. And the processi is to switc...

    3154 days ago

  • Comment on "Market State Analysis"

    ...nbsp; For example now I had a pattern bet. The market can ramain in the same market state or change its market states.  If the market change...my stop is so tight. The other way is that the market remains in the same market state being trending and volatile o...

    3155 days ago

  • Comment on "TDI Caterpillar with alerts"

    ...SSA) calculations they extract cycles from the market but they do not assume that t...cator it will assume that a cycle exist in the market and act on this. However it i...oes for the EUR/CHF. I believe that this is a state of the art of a cycle analysi...

    3278 days ago

  • Comment on "The Social Media Buy Signal"

    ...actal dimension and entropy levels - that leads to a market state identification -Signal to noi...lity of the signal (Coronna System rocks) -Once the market state is idnetified - we try to identify where we are in this market cycle.  -Are there any...

    3267 days ago

  • Comment on "TDI SSA end - pointed normalized sharp with alerts"

    ...is to have a slower filter that will tell you where to  go. And you can use this to time your entries. I can recoomend you read about the market state analysis. In fact if the prac...

    3264 days ago

  • Comment on "Forecasting with entropy Presentation"

    ...istent. In fact there is a relationship in the market between the fractal dimension...;really probable only if we are going toward a state of lower entropy.  &nbs...e make a prediction when we are at low entropy state we have a better chance of su...

    3261 days ago

  • Comment on "Elliotware with Trading Solutions"

    ...that what really matters.  Actually I am working on market states identification. The idea is to detect a stable feature in the market. One of those features is the market state, the other is the switch from...

    3194 days ago

  • Comment on "BPNN with Extrapolator"

    ...however is to find a sampling period that makes sense. In the Elliotware group I described what I mean. There is an alternative approach in the market state analysis.  Here on this...

    3258 days ago

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