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  • How to trade the market states?

    ...d a question how to trade the market states from discretionary perspectiv...on. Every school of technical analysis (or price action) incorporates some kind of market state detection method. The basic ma...cumulation of open orders and market states. This is very visible in the EU...

    2085 days ago

  • Recent performance of Brain Trend on EUR/USD

    ...g system, I would say it is an impulse following system. When the market state get more predictable a persistent it is able to follow it. Check about the market states analysis. Well this is not much, but...

    2237 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper upgrade with chaotic kernel

    ...der version of his work, the article is called quantitative analysis of high entropy systems.&nb...the genetic algorythms is different but let keep it simple.) c. Market State: The market state is used trough the stop loss, ta...

    2279 days ago

  • Reverse optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    ...tem is in some sort of steady state mode. Still cool for market analysis. The Lamda (Lyapunov ex...trading data. OK, but if the market is chaotic theoretically that m...ie R. (2010-11-15). Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Fi...

    2384 days ago

  • MA Cross Strategies revealed

    От Technical Analysis   When you look at...specialists in the Technical analysis you would inevitably someth...ting to learn about Technical Analysis.  There are basicall...really fine at a particlular market state, in that market state the market is withing the parame...

    2583 days ago

  • Market State Analysis and System Trading

    ...ce between Elliotware and the Market States Analysis The market state analysis is different from the Elli...ization).     The Market States Analysis However this time I would ma...  The Alternation of Market States There is something very intere...

    2588 days ago

  • Markets states by Jason Fielder

    ...in this approach is that the market state classification is immediately...aining in the counter - trend state.   Next what Fielder does...developped for the different market conditions. What he calls predi...olidation forming a technical analysis pattern and a tradabel break...

    2613 days ago

  • Market State Analysis

    ...w an example of the multidimensional market state analysis. I use 5 m time on EURUSD....but inside it we can find some different market states.  1. Trending and quie...is visual pattern recognition between the market states. What we do is that we want our...

    2622 days ago

  • About the group

    ...e way on 4 h time frame it is quite interesting by the way. The developments here are very much related with my Elliotware hypothesis and Market State analysis. I mean here everything is r...

    2632 days ago

  • The Law of the charts and the market state analysis

    ...even more he tells you if the market is not doing the structure yo...is connected with the market state analysis. You have this kind of analysis when the market overall has t...ticular moments from the bear market in the Euro. This kind of marke...

    2650 days ago

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