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    ...ity pattern as a set of simple movement components using a finite state Markov chain based on the classifica...ility model (SMM) describes user mobility patterns using a finite state Markov Chain {staten}, where staten...

    3199 days ago

  • Kolmogorov complexity

    ...exity. Relation to entropy It can be shown[11] that for the output of Markov information sources, Kolmogor...on source. More precisely, the Kolmogorov complexity of the output of a Markov information source, normalize...

    3355 days ago

  • Black and Scholes model

    ...tand what a continuous Itô process is, you must first know that a Markov process is "one where the obs...ds only on the preceding observation." An Itô process is simply a Markov process in continuous time. I...

    3426 days ago