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  • BB_MACD_CCT 3rd generation

    ...I did not resisted and I did the same mod with the 3rd generation Moving average. You can comprate the performance with the SSA ep mod. I like both mods. This mod is also quie heavy...

    3186 days ago

  • Brain trend Club files

    ...system). Those versions are a little bit different. That is because I use the original Brain trend mod with no modification at all, for the other mods some modification of the code...

    3186 days ago

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  • Brain Trend logic

    ...possible ways to determine the break - out. The core idea of the digital mods is to use not the price but a...f the filter and this was the main innovation of the digital brain trend mods. For example in the jurik JJM...

    3202 days ago

  • About the Brain Trend Club

    This group is about discussing the digital mods of the famous Brain Trend system. Here is the story of the digital filter mods. A mystical guy appears on t...

    3203 days ago


  • Indicator mods

    Indicator mods

    Here I will share some indicator mods. If you do not know where to share a particular indicator share here. The mods are not necessarily substanti...

    2955 days ago


  • New Smooth CCI mod

    Here is a screen shot of a new Smooth CCI mod. I was looking again at the formula of the CCI,           Check this mod too. The CCI smooth is a continuation of the previous release.   Here is the formula of CCI:   CCI = (Typical Price - 20-period SMA ...

    Tags: indicators, mods

    2705 days ago

  • Advanced indicators

    Here on this shot I post some of the best advanced indicator mods I made. The indicator on the main screen deserves to be coded as an EA I think. The momentum indicator from below is somewhat unique because it adapts to the fractal dimension. When the market is in more unpredictable phase it refu...

    Tags: indicators, mods

    2732 days ago