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  • still tdi indicator not show on my chart i put ssa in library even caterpillar_v3_nmc.mq4 not shown pls check

    1283 days ago

  • I don't know why MQ4 is so buggy those days.I think MetaQuotes stops supporting this release, and now, there are new crazy bugs in variables

    2398 days ago

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  • a new forex god

    a new forex god

    A new forex god asks me to sell his signals, saying the Forex is DEAD ! lol I saw the results...(Escape from hell lol ) Want to have a look ? ok, download from Metaquotes a simpe metaclient MQ4 setting server : login :  1701751 password : ep7899f

    2469 days ago

  • MQ4 usefull Functions

    MQ4 usefull Functions

    Well, this group is dedicated for fetching usefull functions for MQ4  

    2560 days ago


  • Mathematical functions in MQ4

    Calcul of the Integral (very important) double Integrate (double &x[], double &y[], int ind) { double sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < ind -1; i++) sum+= (x[i+1]-x[i]) * (y[i+1]+y[i]) *0.5; return(sum); }    

    Tags: mq4

    2560 days ago