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  • Backup your current metatrader directory.

    ...pplies only to the pure MQL4 scripts, which were compiled by any of the previous compilers. The new compiler won't compile the recent source files (mq4).The directory structure chan...

    3840 days ago

  • Best MQ4 coders

    This morning, I would like to talk about the best MQ4 developpers in the world. because, just only a few...very intuitive stuff Ramdass => good job for conversion from mql to mq4 Vladislav Goshkov=> for g...

    4254 days ago

  • Mathematical functions in MQ4

    Calcul of the Integral (very important) double Integrate (double &x[], double &y[], int ind) { double sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < ind -1; i++) sum+= (x[i+1]-x[i]) * (y[i+1]+y[i]) *0.5; return(sum); }    

    4304 days ago

  • Convert afl file to mq4 file.

    Hi ! I want to ask if someone could help me to convert an afl (Amibroker) into a mq4 file ? I'm using MT4 for this reason I want to transform this file. Thank you.

    4342 days ago

  • just for fun

    ...or this As I dunno how to attach this simple indicateor, I give you the mq4 code directly in the post En...bsp;       Fibo_Stochastic_Pesavento_jytv6.mq4//|    &nb...

    4628 days ago