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  • Hedge with AVA MT4

    Hedge with AVA MT4

    ...3-4 days The goal : Make a quick profit by closing both legs. Sometimes, it's better to close one legs and put a trailing stop on the share (that MT4 should allow you to execute)...

    2458 days ago

  • EA_TickWare


    ...D 5digits is required) , is quite the most difficult thing to perform w/ MT4 (this is not an HFT system, w...ips, but detecting valid and usefull indications from ticks values. The MT4 workstation works quite every...

    1667 days ago

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  • Running a MT4 client workstation

    Hi All I am watching strange things about the behaviour of a MT4 station on my VPS (Virtual Private Station). I am connencdt on this VPS with RPC (MSTSC windows function) the context is :  I am currently testing the EA squeletton with the VGC kernel, I just wrote, on a demo account. For t...

    Tags: mt4

    2198 days ago

  • MT4 + C# + MongoDB + ENCOG EA

    Ok, so I have the communication working between MT4 and VS (c#). This gives me the ability to store info into MongoDB (a nosql database).  There is a free C# library for Encog (NN library).  Has anyone successfully combined Encog with MT4 and shown sucess?

    Tags: mt4, c#, encog

    2370 days ago

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