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  • Well, Sachinarora, I just made it for new MT4 build 600+. Except the point, I do not have today a MT4 to check the code. I hope it's ok

    1042 days ago

  • The old algorithms in the old mt4 are they obsolete by now?

    1230 days ago

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  • Hedge with AVA MT4

    Hedge with AVA MT4

    ...3-4 days The goal : Make a quick profit by closing both legs. Sometimes, it's better to close one legs and put a trailing stop on the share (that MT4 should allow you to execute)...

    3024 days ago

  • EA_TickWare


    ...D 5digits is required) , is quite the most difficult thing to perform w/ MT4 (this is not an HFT system, w...ips, but detecting valid and usefull indications from ticks values. The MT4 workstation works quite every...

    2233 days ago

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  • Particle Swarm Optimization

    This is very interesting article describing the Particle Swarm Optimization. There is code available in C#. I think that if we can understand how klot (check this link for the EA) made his custom genetic optimization algorythm and bypassing the native MT4, we could do the same however applying t...

    Tags: particle swarm optimization, ea, mt4

    2753 days ago

  • Running a MT4 client workstation

    Hi All I am watching strange things about the behaviour of a MT4 station on my VPS (Virtual Private Station). I am connencdt on this VPS with RPC (MSTSC windows function) the context is :  I am currently testing the EA squeletton with the VGC kernel, I just wrote, on a demo account. For t...

    Tags: mt4

    2764 days ago

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