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    ...ral backtesting features and can handle multiple databases. It includes a lot of plug-ins, like the downloader, the composite, the watch-list, the neural network prediction tool... T...

    2312 days ago

  • funny

    ...his Plan : Trading capital inn monetary instruments Get the tools Hurst analysss / rescaled range analysss Fuzzy software Ga software neural net software Result =>...

    2402 days ago

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  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...direction, sometimes we have a series of ping - pong movements. All that is highly unpredictable several movements into the future, try to train a Neural Net to predict those market c...

    2472 days ago

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  • http://www.fxhackers.com/2012/02/spinal-implant-ea-unsupervised-neural.html

    2641 days ago

  • There are two ideas: 1 to understand how neural work works under the hood. The neural work here is just one type.

    2641 days ago

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  • Chaos and complex representations for neuroevolution

    In this article on my blog I summarized  my views on the proper way to obtain a robust solution through neroevolution.Basically I question the whole architecture of the neuron when you are going to use  genetic optimization or particle swarm optimization.I sugge...

    Tags: chaos, neural net, neuroevolution

    2564 days ago

  • Neural Networks: From Theory to Practice for mql5

    In this excellent article you can see an implementation of neural netwotk code for Metatrader 5. In the article all the basic concepts for neural networks are explained in a use friendly manner. At the end a code is given for neural net implementation. This code is different from the basic ...

    Tags: neural net, code, metatrader 5, mql5

    2564 days ago

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