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  • Chaos and complex representations for neuroevolution

    In this article on my blog I summarized  my views on the proper way to obtain a robust solution through neroevolution.Basically I question the whole architecture of the neuron when you are going to use  genetic optimization or particle swarm optimization.I sugge...

    Tags: chaos, neural net, neuroevolution

    4059 days ago

  • Neural Networks: From Theory to Practice for mql5

    In this excellent article you can see an implementation of neural netwotk code for Metatrader 5. In the article all the basic concepts for neural networks are explained in a use friendly manner. At the end a code is given for neural net implementation. This code is different from the basic ...

    Tags: neural net, code, metatrader 5, mql5

    4059 days ago

  • NeuroTrend v2

    От Indicators   This is the NeuroTrend v2 files. It contains: Installation instructions Description Neural net indicator  A mqh gile that goes to the Include folder A neural net that needed to be copied into the files folder (It is quite interesting to see that ...

    Tags: neural net, JAVANNS, neural indicator

    4247 days ago

  • How to create NN in Excel from scratch?

    For anyone who wants to create NN in Excel, hope this one will be useful... I attach also the sample data for playing ... You need to have a special pluggin that is called solver in order to make the actual optimization. However this is an excellent stuff regarding the basic neural net archite...

    Tags: nn, excel, neural net

    4255 days ago

  • Extreme extrapolation with extrapolator

    Here I want to show you an extreme case of the use of the Extrapolator. In the data mining it is a common aprroach to combine the techniques.  Here I do what I consider the right way to use all the excellent extrapolators. They are in fact ment to be used together and to be combined. The y...

    Tags: bpnn, neural net, hodrick-preskott filter, extrapolator

    4354 days ago

  • ASCtrend Buy Sell expert with artificial intelligence

    DOWNLOAD FROM HERE This is another experiment with the Asctrend Buy Sell expert, kernel optimized by the native MT4 genetic algorythm. The results from build to build in the genetic optimization may vary, build 226 and 409 work both fine. As there are two kernels you need to optimize them both:...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea, gaussian, kernel

    4360 days ago

  • Neural net EA Warning by mbkernel

    On the net I found a very interesting post. It is a warning by mbkernel. I want to cite it here because it matters. Hi traders. I know I will not be particularly popular by saying this, but I don't think that developing trading methods with neural networks, at least at the level of knowledge...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea

    4365 days ago

  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    In our trading methods and experiments here on Forex-TSD and Forex Factrory that way basically to move from complexity to simplicity.  What does it mean in practice? We used some advanced methods in order to preprocess the time series. There are different methods: as for me I was interest...

    Tags: oscillator, indicator, ssa, kernel, neural net

    4356 days ago

  • Spinal Implant EA: test results

    Here I would like another shot of out of sample results of the Spinal Implant EA. However in this EA, I am using experimental activation function for the percetrone. And the whole project is not ready for release yet, as it is in the experimental stage. Th...

    Tags: neural net, EA

    4379 days ago

  • beathespread EA systems

    Here I will show you two shots. Both if the shots are out of sample. The training was from 16.01.12 - 23.02.12. The out of sample testing is from 24.02.12 - today 05.03.12 One of the systems is the Spinal Implant EA. The characteristic of this system is to enter into a trade only when there is...

    Tags: ea, neural net

    4381 days ago

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