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  • Extreme extrapolation with extrapolator

    Here I want to show you an extreme case of the use of the Extrapolator. In the data mining it is a common aprroach to combine the techniques.  Here I do what I consider the right way to use all the excellent extrapolators. They are in fact ment to be used together and to be combined. The y...

    Tags: bpnn, neural net, hodrick-preskott filter, extrapolator

    2611 days ago

  • ASCtrend Buy Sell expert with artificial intelligence

    DOWNLOAD FROM HERE This is another experiment with the Asctrend Buy Sell expert, kernel optimized by the native MT4 genetic algorythm. The results from build to build in the genetic optimization may vary, build 226 and 409 work both fine. As there are two kernels you need to optimize them both:...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea, gaussian, kernel

    2617 days ago

  • Neural net EA Warning by mbkernel

    On the net I found a very interesting post. It is a warning by mbkernel. I want to cite it here because it matters. Hi traders. I know I will not be particularly popular by saying this, but I don't think that developing trading methods with neural networks, at least at the level of knowledge...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea

    2621 days ago

  • beathespread EA systems

    Here I will show you two shots. Both if the shots are out of sample. The training was from 16.01.12 - 23.02.12. The out of sample testing is from 24.02.12 - today 05.03.12 One of the systems is the Spinal Implant EA. The characteristic of this system is to enter into a trade only when there is...

    Tags: ea, neural net

    2637 days ago

  • Market States and Neural Net trading signals

    The analyse of the market state can ve used to select the training range for the Neural Nets. One of the concepts is to incluse different kind of market states and to try to generalize a solution. That we would do in the Elliotware approach we would select an Elliot wave pattern that would serve...

    Tags: neural net, elliotware, elliot wave, neuroshell, market state, market state analysis, machine learning

    2662 days ago

  • December 2011 tests of Elliotware with Neuroshell

    Elliotware with Neuroshell training range from 31 October 2011   Now I made some new tests of the same principle of Elliottware with Neuroshell Here I share the signals generated out of sample. For now all the three systems are working fine. Everything is running on ful...

    Tags: neural net, elliotware, elliot wave, neuroshell

    2727 days ago

  • Elliotware with ELWAVE

          Here I would like to show another approach trying to make a long term analysis with the Elliotware approach. Here I use the ELAWAVE software in order to make a machine driven Elliott wave counting.  In parrallel I use a neural net BPNN with Caterpilla...

    Tags: elliot wave, neural net, prediction, elwave

    2758 days ago

  • Elliotware with Trading Solutions

        Here I add another shot of the Elliotware approach. This time I used Trading solutions software.  I use an expert for data link between MT4 and Trading Solutions software. The MT4 link updates the history and I use the authomatically generated csv to update...

    Tags: neural net, elliotware, elliot wave, data link, trading solutions

    2763 days ago

  • Elliottware with Neuroshell

    Here I tested the Elliotware approach of the Elliott wave principle with Neuroshell, I tried 3 basic strategies that are popular systems: I used the training period on 1 h time frame, from the 01.09 to 26.09. And the green bars show the out of sample trading. Maybe it was mistake that I did not ...

    Tags: neural net, elliotware, elliott wave

    2790 days ago

  • Elliott Wave and market direction prediction failure

    Now When I open my folder Trading Lab I find out a lot of stuff. I imagine you also have a HUGE folder with a name something sounding similar, Trading tools, Trading stuff whatever.  When I think about Elliott Wave I feel sentimental and nostalgic about my first book of technical analysis w...

    Tags: elliot wave, neural net, prediction

    2798 days ago