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  • NeuroTrend v2

    От Indicators   This is the NeuroTrend v2 files. It contains: Installation instructions Description Neural net indicator  A mqh gile that goes to the Include folder A neural net that needed to be copied into the files folder (It is quite interesting to see that ...

    Tags: neural net, JAVANNS, neural indicator

    2504 days ago

  • How to create NN in Excel from scratch?

    For anyone who wants to create NN in Excel, hope this one will be useful... I attach also the sample data for playing ... You need to have a special pluggin that is called solver in order to make the actual optimization. However this is an excellent stuff regarding the basic neural net archite...

    Tags: nn, excel, neural net

    2512 days ago

  • Spinal Implant EA: test results

    Here I would like another shot of out of sample results of the Spinal Implant EA. However in this EA, I am using experimental activation function for the percetrone. And the whole project is not ready for release yet, as it is in the experimental stage. Th...

    Tags: neural net, EA

    2637 days ago

  • ASCTrendBuySellExpert with Neural net basic version

    This version of the ASCtrend expert is using a radial basis activation function. Here I am using the  simplest architecture with just one neurone. Here we are not predicting anything we looking for the most adequate adaptation to the current market conditions. The training is really fast an...

    Tags: expert, tests, EA, neural net,

    2640 days ago

  • Neural indicator by Jaguar

    This is a new neural indicator by Jaguar. This indicator uses a neural net as an input.  PFE: Polaryzed fractal efficiency mod: tracks the general direction, this indicator is available on the mql site. OBV:On Balance Volume: the trend Stochastic: Tracks the momentum The neural net combi...

    Tags: indicator, neural net

    2643 days ago

  • Spinal Implant v2 with Gaussian function

    От 23 септември 2011   Here on this mod I use a different and more classical neural net architecture for the perceptron. Each input is feeding each neuron. And the transfer function is the gaussian function.  make an update of the perceptron function by adding...

    Tags: neural net, expert, EA, gaussian

    2643 days ago

  • Spinal Implant Sigm EA with Sigmoidal transfer function

    This is is the Spinal Implant Sigm EA with Sigmoidal transfer function. sigmoid sigm(x)=1/(1+exp(-x)) I can suggest you train x1, x2, x3 and x4 from -5 to 5 with step 0.5 or 1. The Neural net "learns" how to give its signals based upon evolutionary pressure provided in the native MT4 algoryt...

    Tags: Neural Network, Neural Net, unsupervised neural network, genetic algorithm

    2644 days ago

  • BPNN with Sinc Wavelets

      This is the BPNN but this time we use Sinc wavelets as inputs. You need to use more sincpast bars than the ntr. Because the wavelets need some bars to calculate. extern int    SincPastBars =550; //Number of past bars. 0: all data. extern int    ntr ...

    Tags: neural net

    2774 days ago

  • BPNN with Extrapolator

    От 22 септември 2011   This is a BPNN with the extrapolator. Here I do not use linear extrapolation. We use 0 bars ahead of linear extrapolation and we plot the extrapolation from the BPNN. Well I just combine two things. However you need more bars on the extrapolator tha...

    Tags: neural net

    2778 days ago

  • Volume Weighted Average Price BPNN Predictor

    От 22 септември 2011   No need to spend your time analyzing markets; this indicator does the work for you. Get precise, detailed trading recommendations to implement accurate, profitable trades. With a focus on effective trades and risk control, you'll experie...

    Tags: neural net

    2780 days ago

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