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  • How to trade the market states?

    I was asked a question how to trade the market states from discretionary perspec...l dimension and scales (read Anchor and Trigger). Basically Joe Ross uses the concepts of ledges  and consolida...

    3789 days ago

  • Trading NLP?

    Trading NLP! Does it exist? Definitely trading nlp exi...dence, and uses incorrect and misleading terms and concepts." Even more "Criticisms go b...ts pseudoscientific characteristics,[14] title,[3] concepts and terminology.[6][15] NLP i...

    4038 days ago

  • Reverse optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    ...og post I want to revisit some concepts and to show you some new paths of investigation, I hop...ntation of the concept. Those concepts are really some of the m...model will degrade with every new market information that is coming....-The lagspace software -The new user friendly program What we did...

    4088 days ago

  • Neely River Theory

    ...ery financial magazine since, along with every newscast I have ever watched or c...th. Right after the 2000 stock market high, I knew (based on wave structure) the...a 15-20+ year consolidation. Based on NEoWave concepts in Mastering Elliott Wave, I...

    4168 days ago

  • Oscar's theory based on Squared matrix

    New mathematical concepts Due to the confidentiality of this blog (it's a pri...amed Oscar has brillant ideas to share here, concepts which are more t...the infinite matrix concept, This is a new theory. Basic concepts on which Oscar'stheory is bui...

    3617 days ago

  • Market States and Neural Net trading signals

    The analyse of the market state can ve used to select the training range for the Neural Nets. One of the concepts is to incluse different kind...

    4243 days ago