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  • Oanda got a huge problem. Logon, plateforms and servers are offline today. => do not forget to set always physical Stop loss

    2554 days ago

  • New group Oanda Forex open orders for support and resistance identification. Everyone is invited.

    3445 days ago


  • Brokers


    ...thats with go i need a new broker one with low spreads and with a good server mainly can someone tell me if such broker exists in forex i know oanda is good but its not good for...

    3415 days ago

  • The Oanda Oracle: support resistance identification with open orders

    The Oanda Oracle: support resistance identification with open orders

    Here in this group I would like to share my experience with the use of the Opanda order's book information. This information may enhance your technical analysis studi...

    3396 days ago


  • OANDA launches fxUnity - the social forex trading platform

    OANDA, a leading US forex broker, has launched OANDA fxUnity, a new fx  trading platform for aspiring currency traders. The platform is another way that OANDA is making currency trading more accessible, open, and mobile.

    Tags: oanda, fxunity, platform

    3249 days ago

  • Oversold levels and open orders

    On this example we see how below the level 1.3000 practically there is not any accumulation of Open orders. In this case we could say that the market is oversold. However as in theory the accumulation of open orders does not track the smart money but only the uninformed traders, any break - out ...

    Tags: open orders, accumulation, overbought, oversold, Oanda, order flow analysis, market state analysis, order flow levels

    3293 days ago

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