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  • OANDA launches fxUnity - the social forex trading platform

    OANDA, a leading US forex broker, has launched OANDA fxUnity, a new fx  trading platform for aspiring currency traders. The platform is another way that OANDA is making currency trading more accessible, open, and mobile.

    Tags: oanda, fxunity, platform

    4352 days ago

  • Oversold levels and open orders

    On this example we see how below the level 1.3000 practically there is not any accumulation of Open orders. In this case we could say that the market is oversold. However as in theory the accumulation of open orders does not track the smart money but only the uninformed traders, any break - out ...

    Tags: open orders, accumulation, overbought, oversold, Oanda, order flow analysis, market state analysis, order flow levels

    4395 days ago

  • Stable and Quiet Market state

    Here is the Stable and Quiet market state. We can have a general consideration of this market state and how it evolves. I think that this is the simplest classification of the market states (all the Elliott wave theory is an elaborate classification of market states, the Neely extension of the E...

    Tags: market state analysis, order flow analysis, Oanda, open orders

    4401 days ago

  • Trending and volatile market state

    Here we have trending and volatile market state and the accumulation of the market orders within it. The same as for the trending and quiet market state you can use the Oanda open orders for take profit levels and risk control.  It is really interesting to observe how the accumulation of t...

    Tags: oanda, open orders.

    4408 days ago

  • Trending and quiet market state

    Here we have a trending and quiet market state. You can see how you can use those levels for: - take profit levels - risk control levels  

    Tags: oanda, open orders.

    4408 days ago

  • Ranging and Volatile market state

    This is ranging and volatile market state with typical market orders distribution.  You can see how the market orders define levels of support and resistence.

    Tags: oanda, open orders.

    4408 days ago

  • Range bound market state and accumulation of open orders

    Here we have a range bound market state with accumulation of open orders. What is interesting that the orders are not really close to the market range.   

    Tags: oanda, open orders.

    4408 days ago

  • Alcatel preloads its Android phones with Oanda's currency converter

    Alcatel One Touch, one of the world’s top ten phone manufacturers, has chosen to preload its Android smartphones with a co-branded version of the Android Currency Converter mobile app developed by OANDA Corporation, a provider of innovative mobile and online currency applications,...

    Tags: alcatel, oanda, android, currency converter

    4465 days ago

  • Short term volatility patterns or something else

    От Oanda open orders Please have a look at this shot. Today we had an accumulation of orders below and above. Please forgive me for the analogy but this look exactly like the accumulation of orders at the roulette game in the casino. Faites vos jeux The analogy is so obv...

    Tags: oanda, open orders.

    4486 days ago

  • Brokers


    im now with go markets and their servers goes off in the most important times of trading,and its killing me,just like evryone else thats with go i need a new broker one with low spreads and with a good server mainly can someone tell me if such broker exists in forex i know oanda is good but i...

    Tags: brokers, forex, mt4, oanda, go markets, server issues

    4517 days ago

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