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  • Sam Seiden trading articles

    ...ply (resistance) and demand (support)." Sam Seiden I recommend a tool that enhace the study of support and resistence and it is the study of open orders. When you have time I recomm...

    3191 days ago

  • Shark EA

    ...ike the idea behind. As it places orders only when the market moves...rythm is used) + It uses pending orders only. I consider it to be an...ure not  Pro) + It does not open more than one trade at a time....portant as it is about very close orders to the price. Choose carefull...

    3407 days ago

  • How to see where traders place their stops

    ...but it is worth to read for those who make their first steps. I think this information can be combined with the Oanda open orders information. In that way you can see when the orders are distributed as they are e...

    3651 days ago

  • Oanda open orders book

    This is a link for the Oanda Open orders book.

    3680 days ago