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  • Oversold levels and open orders

    On this example we see how below the level 1.3000 practically there is not any accumulation of Open orders. In this case we could say that the market is oversold. However as in theory the accumulation of open orders does not track the smart money but only the uninformed traders, any break - out ...

    Tags: open orders, accumulation, overbought, oversold, Oanda, order flow analysis, market state analysis, order flow levels

    3782 days ago

  • Stable and Quiet Market state

    Here is the Stable and Quiet market state. We can have a general consideration of this market state and how it evolves. I think that this is the simplest classification of the market states (all the Elliott wave theory is an elaborate classification of market states, the Neely extension of the E...

    Tags: market state analysis, order flow analysis, Oanda, open orders

    3787 days ago

  • Algo Futures and the WOW index by Carl Weiss

        This is a very interesting site. On this site you can monitor the order flow in some markets: SP 500; Gold and Crude Oil. What is this? This is the WOW index. It has been created by Carl Weiss. The Weiss Index or as he call the WoW index monitors the order flow...

    Tags: market state analysis, wow index, order flow analysis

    3897 days ago