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  • Avoid EA trading after price GAP

    Because after gap some indicators behavior is not usable for EA decision, I use simple code to avoid EA trading after GAP. At params section of EA add: extern int M...

    3574 days ago

  • CCI on SSA End Pointed Indicator

    I would like to show you my modification of CCI indicator - this one get as source values SSA end-pointed and result is PCT fiterred ... nicely shows end of trend. It can be probably used as fil...

    3577 days ago

  • Mutual information

    take a look at this : http://beathespread.com/file/view/22938/mutual-information you can find further information at : http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=336715 And what told us CodeBreaker is here : http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=2534707#post2534707  

    3637 days ago

  • Volume inside formula to detect break outs

    After learining Volume does not exist, and just a nigthmare, the value Volume is...sting to fetch better entry/exit on the market Check out this:  http://beathespread.com/file/view/22918/comparais...

    3638 days ago

  • Max Keiser - Bitcoin, Bernanke & Buffett | London Real

    skip the preambule, go directly at 9mn20 there are something interesting about BitCoins http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/20659/max-keiser-bitcoin-bernanke-buffett-london-real

    3768 days ago

  • How to trade the market states?

    I was asked a question how to trade the market states from discretionary perspectiv...t states identification but you can compare it with our classification that is upgrad...hope it is a valid market knowledge you can use in your  ow...

    3793 days ago

  • How professional traders do to get a big lecture ?

    ...followers After a short talk with Artes (from Beathespread), he told me a few s...her TimeFrames than M5,M15 ... M5 implies an hour divided by 12 they used instead 3 MN TimeFrame to fetch 15 parts from an hour regarding Fibonacci levels, same thin...

    3831 days ago

  • Welcome at beathespread

    Welcome at beathespread. I created this group for the new registered users. This is...friends, you can make friends by contributing to your friends. It is as simple as t...with friends and not to the whole world. And of course that is completel...

    3884 days ago

  • New Smooth CCI mod

    Here is a screen shot of a new Smooth CCI mod. I was looking again at the formula of the CCI,           Check this mod too. The CCI smooth...

    3883 days ago

  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis 28-1

    This week I am not giving a technical out-look.  Please refer to this blog post. I want just to mention that the analysis made the last week were mostly correct in the technical levels. The break - out opportunity was there. The trend estimation was correct.    

    3890 days ago

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