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  • Particle Swarm Optimization

    This is very interesting article describing the Particle Swarm Optimization. There is code available in C#. I think that if we can understand how klot (check this link fo...

    3959 days ago

  • Sam Seiden trading articles

    ...to trading articles by Sam Seiden fron online trading academy. Here on beathespread I recommend two scho...a support or resistance level. There are many ways to trade and keep your trading low risk and high reward. You...

    3965 days ago

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  • link file for download ind http://beathespread.com/file/view/284/ht-dema-with-possibility-to-change-the-nyquist-parameter

    2250 days ago

  • thank you Albert for your kind message. I will stop Beathespread today, bcoz, some strategies shown inside work or can improve the profits.

    3020 days ago

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  • Japan forex  robots

    Japan forex robots

    From all Japan forex links ..... http://ameblo.jp/sierrasnowfall-fx/entry-11551643149.html i.e http://ameblo.jp/sierrasnowfall-fx/entry-11776223893.html  Please, hajimekumazawa  upload some files in this group. Regards

    3481 days ago

  • How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    ...rom 185 (3 trades gift from PrestigeBank) to 942 Euros in less than 2 hours trading. Now, much better t...he results day after day and you will able to get this program through Beathespread I want here to give tricks a...

    3596 days ago

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