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  • Chaos kernel function using the logistic map?

    I make a copy of this article in my blogspot https://fxhackers....tion expressing chaotic behaviour itself as a kernel.  Th...we will have different behaviour (sensitivity of the initial c...m 1 to 3.   3. And of course finally we can vary the lim...me yet) you can implement in your trading...

    1397 days ago

  • This is for those iVAR or fractal dimension guys here

    hI, Guys, I have been examiming at the iVAR indicator for some time now and I seriously have some doubts regarding its eficacy in accurately detecting the trend of the ma...

    3403 days ago

  • Experimental Gaussian kernel function for genetic optimized neural net

    I worked recentrly on transfer functions in order to use the native genetic optimizer...the value //coming from the transfer function, in our example it is between 0 and 1...y the number of the hidden neurones we can use (of course you ca...

    4285 days ago

  • The Welcome Page

    Welcome at Beathespread. Yes, seriously you are welcome.  A friend asked m...o not trust anything, try to test everything on your own. Do not trust blindly the...ery hard in order to keep the balance clear and your bank account intact....

    4372 days ago