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  • most volatile pair Platinium

    The most volatile pair is XPTUSD. this is a pleasure to watch such beautiful fractals going up and down on this market of course, this pair can olny be fetched by new fractals tools, as described here , means iVAR, FGDI, PFE_goertlzel I will explain later

    1724 days ago

  • Confirmation of the CCI signals

    ...ideas to confirm signals from CCi on a ranging phase. So, a bunch of indicators was tested : - stochastic (may be yes, may be not), RSi, ADX,ATR, PFE, and at last WPR It seemed W...

    2328 days ago

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  • Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    ...veral nights ago, by this idea. The PFE algorithm needed to be refine...C,1)* ROC(C,1))+1),pds); z=(x/y); pfe=EMA(IIf(C>Ref(C,-9),z,-z)*100,5); Plot(pfe,"PFE",IIf(pfe>Ref(pfe,-1),colorGreen,colorRed),styl...s-1; while(i>=0) { if(UseAvarage) Pfe[i]=iMAOnArray(PfeBuffer,Bars,...

    2443 days ago