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  • Sam Seiden trading articles

    Here you can find links to trading articles by Sam Seiden fron online trading academy. Here on beathespread I recommend two schools of technical analysis. Sam Seiden and Joe Ross. While Joe Ross' trading is based on pure price action, Sam Seiden has special emphasis on support and resi...

    Tags: price action, analysis, technical analysis

    3904 days ago

  • Traders Trick Entry by Joe Ross

    This is the continuation of the Law ofthe Charts. Basically this is one of the best methodologies for price action analysis. The approach of Joe Ross can be historically tested because it offers more precision than any onther chart pattern method.  It is funny that there are some softwares ...

    Tags: price action

    4322 days ago

  • The Law of the charts

        By respect of the work of Joe Ross, I do not upload his booklet about the law of the charts but I provide the legitimate download link. Anyway I think you all have a spam mailbox right ;) (I think it is very usefull to have a mail box specially dedicated to forex...

    Tags: law of the charts, price action

    3910 days ago