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  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...sense that it will help you with the timing. The key is that even if the spread is bigger in the other pairs the prability of success and the profitability in the other pairs match the...

    2758 days ago

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  • About the Brain Trend Club

    ...is how the new generation of brain trend was made.  After that logically I wanted an expert adviser in order to know the truth about the profitability of this system. In fact I use...

    2882 days ago

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  • At the current available trading technology you can't boost the profitability without boosting the risk.

    2652 days ago


  • The Correlation Game

    The Correlation Game

    ...is one global market, and everything is related with everything. The question is. Understanding correlations will it allow you to increase the profitability in your trading?

    2847 days ago


  • Very interesting concept of maximizing profitability

    Has it ever occurred to you that to maximize profitability, you must be completely objective with all of your trading decisions? If you only trade occasionally or as a hobby, then it may not ever occur to you to write down or formulate your trading methods. If you are or planning to trade with re...

    Tags: profitability

    2519 days ago