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  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...s really complex with its multidimensionality.When the phase space is extremely simple we observe a Low Phase Space Singularity. When the phase space is extremely complex we see High Phase...

    2249 days ago

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  • The situation in Bulgaria remains complicated. http://blogs.wsj.com/emergingeurope/2013/02/11/bulgarians-protest-electricity-price

    2312 days ago

  • As jaguar remarqued we share results but nobody shares results in return.

    2431 days ago



  • Access to LMAX in csharp

    Access to LMAX in csharp

    Well, if you remember well, I told you the main points to create a profitable robot - the modelisation of the current market is improved by fetching the Volumes. The great...

    1829 days ago

  • Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    ...n market Rythm" , page 8, is clear : By combining special DFT methods (including the Goertzel algorithm ), validation by means of statistical measurement methods (including the Bar...

    2340 days ago

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  • Remote Viewing Stock Market (Ed Dames)

    Since the declassification of the top secret CIA and U.S. military Remote Viewing research program, the use of Remote Viewing or "RV" has been growing at an astonishing rate. RV has been put to the test and featured on countless international television and radio programs; being recognized as the...

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    2387 days ago