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  • Courtney Brown on Multiple Universes (Full Version)

    Courtney Brown, Ph.D., presenting "Evidence of Multiple Universes" at the University of Virginia during the annual meetings of the Society for Scientific Exploration in May 2009. Dr. Brown uses remote-viewing data collected with a strict scientific protocol to show that multiple realities actuall...

    Tags: remote viewing

    4212 days ago

  • Forex remote viewing part 2

    Can you apply remote viewing for Forex trading? Theoretically Remote viewing can be applied everywhere. Of course it is obvious that the tools will be used to suck a lucrative activity as trading. Historically the first methodologies were developped for the Stock market. And guess what if you ...

    Tags: remote viewing

    4211 days ago

  • Another article about intuition and trading

    Here in this artcle I try to make the connection between the general progression of a trader according to Daryl Guppy. Even if he recognizes the fact that the more you are learning standard techical analysis the less would be your results. His answer is to use a system way of trading. However &n...

    Tags: remote viewing, trading

    4641 days ago

  • The Stanford Discovery about remote viewing

    The Stanford institute were trying to understand what makes the psychics succesful in their predictions and what makes them damn wrong. They tried everything for spi purpouses even out of body experiences.  As I am from the french school of though and we disnguish in everything two twings a...

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    4647 days ago

  • Farsight institute

    This is the most serious free link about the topic. Here you can find the remote viewing templates and watch some videos. And hopefully you will understand that what the fortune tellers are talking is rubbish. The future is probabilistic. Even if you see something that may happen in another time ...

    Tags: remote viewing

    4647 days ago

  • Remote viewing manual

    This is the original work on which all the paid courses and methods are build upon. This is the real stuff.I even think to upload to the site if the link is broken. This document is the product of the military Remote Viewing protocols. As those documents have been declassifiedd we have the oppor...

    Tags: remote viewing

    4654 days ago

  • Forex remote viewing

    Forex remote viewing ,would have limitations. In fact during my tests I am convinced that that work, there is something, I was amazed to see the results. Even more the people which were doing the tests were also amazed. However this is about something that exists.  The speculative markets ...

    Tags: remote viewing

    4653 days ago

  • Psychic abilities and trading

    I am almost sure that almost everybody that use techical analysis is applying his psychic abilities for remote viewing under one form or another. Is it possible to test those abilities? The logic step was to see what has been done by the military as some information has been leaked through time...

    Tags: project stargate, remote viewing

    4660 days ago

  • Basic technique

    This procedure is good only for recreationa purpouses and fun. This is not the procedure used by the professional remote viewers. Anyway even if it is wrong some people were able to do amazing things with that. Most of my friends in effect, even me. The difference is that the professional remot...

    Tags: remote viewing, trading

    4632 days ago

  • One funny link

    This is a joke site. But very funny site about remote viewing. 

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    4647 days ago

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