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  • Farsight institute

    This is the most serious free link about the topic. Here you can find the remote viewing templates and watch some videos. And hopefully you will understand that what the fortune tellers are talking is rubbish. The future is probabilistic. Even if you see something that may happen in another time ...

    Tags: remote viewing

    3774 days ago

  • Remote viewing manual

    This is the original work on which all the paid courses and methods are build upon. This is the real stuff.I even think to upload to the site if the link is broken. This document is the product of the military Remote Viewing protocols. As those documents have been declassifiedd we have the oppor...

    Tags: remote viewing

    3780 days ago

  • One funny link

    This is a joke site. But very funny site about remote viewing. 

    Tags: remote viewing

    3773 days ago