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  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...t in the sense that it will replave the discretionary analysis but in the sense that it will help you with the timing. The key is that even if the spread is bigger in the other pairs...

    3185 days ago

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  • News trading nowadays is mainly used with spread betting

    2934 days ago



  • Automated Trading Championship 2012

    Automated Trading Championship 2012

    ...rades, made by the end of the contest, are detected to range within the spread, the Participant will be disq...ancial instruments without rigidly set parameters (limitations by lots, spreads, minimum deviations from the...

    3006 days ago

  • Volume Spread Analysis

    Volume Spread Analysis

    Join Gavin Holmes and inventor of VSA Tom Williams as they explain the secret science of analyzing volume in the FX / Currency markets. Many traders are unaware of how...

    3080 days ago

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