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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...to trade a Break - out.1. Use of the volatility probability We have a break - out probability in periods of increased volatility. So it is necessary to check statistically the...

    2854 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...ent that the Brain trend, the ASCTrend stops with digital smoothing, the ASCtrend signal, the Trend magic with or without digital smoothing and the SSAsqueeze find simultaneously th...

    2309 days ago

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  • that implies 2 questions : - is it necessary to increase the lotsize for the new trades to counter balance the first ones and if yes, how ?

    307 days ago

  • still tdi indicator not show on my chart i put ssa in library even caterpillar_v3_nmc.mq4 not shown pls check

    1283 days ago

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  • stochastic volatility

    stochastic volatility

    ...exist a lot of "continue jumps" that move prices without gap upper or lower for a short time before poursuing the precedent trend as if it was necessary to "move back in the trend"...

    1877 days ago

  • CCI Break out

    CCI Break out

    ...ed at our first order is executed. Sometimes, if the market starts to move against us a stop-loss order should be placed, but often this is not necessary. Usually our profit target...

    2428 days ago

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  • SSA EA example

    This is an example  how to call directly the SSA dll for practical use in EA. This is not a working trading EA, just an example how to implement the idea.

    Tags: SSA, SSAep, EA

    2314 days ago

  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    In our trading methods and experiments here on Forex-TSD and Forex Factrory that way basically to move from complexity to simplicity.  What does it mean in practice? We used some advanced methods in order to preprocess the time series. There are different methods: as for me I was interest...

    Tags: oscillator, indicator, ssa, kernel, neural net

    2698 days ago

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