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  • SSA EA example

    This is an example  how to call directly the SSA dll for practical use in EA. This is not a working trading EA, just an example how to implement the idea.

    Tags: SSA, SSAep, EA

    3971 days ago

  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    In our trading methods and experiments here on Forex-TSD and Forex Factrory that way basically to move from complexity to simplicity.  What does it mean in practice? We used some advanced methods in order to preprocess the time series. There are different methods: as for me I was interest...

    Tags: oscillator, indicator, ssa, kernel, neural net

    4355 days ago

  • Strategy Tester of the Heikin Ashi SSA EA from Jaguar

    От 08 ноември 2011   There are still things I do not understand with this expert. However when I plot this on the 1 h chart with the default settings with no optimization i get this. I do not understand the deals, they look out of correlation with the Heiken Ashi SSA ep,...

    Tags: expert, SSA

    4465 days ago

  • Heiken Ashi SSAep

    От 21 октомври 2011 This is a Heiken Ashi SSA ep. This is a mod of the Smoothed version of Heiken Ashi, however instead of using moving average for the smoothing we use End - pointed Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA ep). Basically we do Singular Spectrum Analysis of with the Hi...

    Tags: SSA, SSAEP, Heikin Ashi

    4466 days ago


    От 21 октомври 2011   A SSA/SSA-EP Trend Magic crossover alert. Although most of you have most of the files, I'm enclosing the whole nine yards. SSAEP-XOVER is the one you put on the chart ;) The others also go in the experts/indicators folder. Please make improvements t...

    Tags: SSA, SSAEP, TrendMagic

    4475 days ago

  • TTM bars with SSA end - pointed engine

    TTM Bars with SSA end-pointed engine   This is TTM bars with  SSA end - pointed engine. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable holy grail, from time to time repaints occur that is why I recommend to use higher level of lag bars ans low level of computations. Ev...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, Indicator

    4477 days ago

  • Free SSA software Windows GUI and Matlab package

    This is the free SSA software from Theodor Alexandrov. There is another software which has both paid and a free version. The free version unfortunately does not run on 64 bits computers. This is the Caterpillar software from GistaT Group. Of course this piece of software is not end - point...

    Tags: ssa, caterpillar, singular spectrum analysis, software

    4517 days ago

  • TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine

    От 23 септември 2011   This is TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine. Keep in mind as I use not the end - pointed version of SSA but the regular version this indicator does not perform as it will be indicated when you plot on the chart. That is why the screen sho...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, indicator

    4359 days ago


    Here it is the end - pointed version of the BB_MACD_CCT SSA.  I add a screen shot of this indicator. It looks very interesting indeed. The SSA ep is extracting the interesting components from the series and we build an oscillator arround. The sharp reversal pointes are well identified. ...

    Tags: indicator, ssa

    4522 days ago

  • BPNN with Caterpilar (Catepillar is repainting)

    This is the BPNN with Caterpillar (The Caterpillar is repainting but the BPNN is doing the same). However, we are interested in the future prediction and we do not fear that the present will collapse LOL. Anyway when I use the Elliottware way to determine the training period the prediction are q...

    Tags: neural net, SSA

    4522 days ago

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