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  • Fractional entropy allows to build a strategy inside a specific period

    1405 days ago

  • Some people think this is the new BCE strategy to let the EURO dropping so far. BCE uses Greek dillemma as an economical tool,

    2938 days ago

  • Some traders from beathespread put their results on Collective2. But they stopped to show their strategy, bcoz Collective2 was misconducting

    3434 days ago

  • Do we understand how to evaluate and test a trading strategy. That is one of the most fundamental questions in trading.

    3728 days ago

  • A new price-action strategy should be found right now, due to the market change

    4001 days ago

  • against price action => Strategy area accumulation / distribution with extension fibonacci. do you agree ?

    4001 days ago

  • As you look at the EURCHF example the Eur/Chf strategy was working exactly on those market conditions very well.

    4055 days ago

  • Now, we need a strong winning strategy on volatility/momentum and a strong EXIT signals knowledge (no SL process)

    4065 days ago

  • We have to win by creating a strong profitable strategy sooner or later...

    4065 days ago