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  • Spinal Implant EA with money management module

    От Technical Analysis   This  is the Spinal Implant EA with Logistic kernel and with money management module. You can see how the lot site is bigger wh...

    3224 days ago

  • OB\OS Stochastic

    TF M5   От Technical Analysis

    3225 days ago

  • Stable and Quiet Market state

    ...dea here is that and what is new is the use of market states analysis together with the Open orders analysis. We are interested where the...orders are situated, and they are situated very often at key technical levels and fibonacci zones....

    3302 days ago

  • How to use the Belkhayate indicators?

    ...ing a valuable historical past of the 250 periods. To optimize the technical analysis, we included an indicator bas...hen the probability that signal is valid is greater than 80%. This analysis system is easy to use and is...

    3283 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper and Simple Scalping System

    ...is work, the article is called quantitative analysis of high entropy systems. There...o basically this is not based on any common technical indicator principle.  ...em trading is debated topic on some similar technical analysis forums so I wanted to made my...

    3339 days ago

  • TTM bars with SSA end - pointed engine

    ...this indicator is an idea how we can use this scientific tool as a technical analysis instrument. You do not need t...posie the time series and then reconstruct them. Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) is a method that takes...

    3379 days ago

  • Hurst Difference Total

    ...predictable state. It is interesting that if we condider the entropy analysis the same pattern would emerge....ell I would restrain myself but clearly this instrument can confirm a technical break - out.    ...

    3424 days ago