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  • A new Forex god

    ...large and clear trends not like nowadays complex triangular patterns. So veteran traders say it was easier to trade then following standard technical analysis methods (channel trading) and...

    4176 days ago

  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...ern trader not in the sense that it will replave the discretionary analysis but in the sense that it will...a open orders.  It is possible to use your own discretionary analysis for technical levels in order to place the...

    4465 days ago

  • Why popular methods of technical analysis fail to work?

    ...tions on this theme but to what you are saying, this makes a lot of technical analysis difficult if not impossible i...than actual volume that flows to the market how does it not effect analysis?...

    4504 days ago

  • What about Gold?

    What about Gold? To me that is the market for a trend following strategy where classical technical analysis works.  

    4516 days ago

  • Fundamental articles: Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

    ...I really am looking for free fundamental analysis that is using structural appro...machine learning is not limited to price analysis we can apply to any fundament...or sure. I beleive that the quantitative analysis is beyong technical or fundamental analysis. Eve...

    4578 days ago