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  • Motion induced blindless trading and paralysis form analysis

    ...orld. Well imagine you are scalping and yiou are watching more than 4 technical indicators. Can you make it?,...l miss something :). Some epxerienced traders call it paralysis form analysis, but this has a larger approa...

    4423 days ago

  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 1

    ...redict the movements of markets or indices or stocks. I got involved with the first software programs that were able to do technical analysis. Those programs contained technical indicators that opened an ot...

    4496 days ago

  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...elation. And they can be helfull in the analysis.   According to my analysis the chart patterns can be anal...llating price patterns: In fact all the technical analysis chart patterns are...t is arguable if they are a part of the technical analysis. maybe the Elliott...

    4506 days ago

  • The Welcome Page

    ...nd what they write is nice and it is taken from the big books of technical analysis. However this social network...for Forex, yes Forex. Most of the things you can read are about technical analysis in general. If you do not mak...

    4507 days ago

  • COT report and Eur/Usd: profits from the Forex Mega-trends

    ...game without the hard day to day analysis. And as a trading system does...would like to make a shot of the technical signals and the COT report. Y...there have been some very clear technical signals. And those signals h...there is a very clear technical analysis signal. -we have aconfirmati...

    4562 days ago

  • Practical limitations in the Neural net extrapolation

    ...ion of the principle of uncertainty the technical analysis and the Elliotware approach in...otally not take into account the common technical analysis. I think it is true if the mo...wn. Well this is just an analogy. In technical analysis when we are closer to such a...

    4563 days ago

  • Trading robots, are they bound by the law of the robotics?

    ...; Federal Reserve  Board.    The empirical analysis provides several important ins...tely unaware.    The idea in this metacognition technical analysis is that if the standard technical analysis have achieved a per...

    4560 days ago

  • Anchor and Trigger: macro and micro timeframe.

    ...ts are really useful. This is because the model of the classical technical analysis presume that on the bigger tim...ks to me an oversimplification. In fact both  the classical technical analysis from the Dow Theory and the E...

    4582 days ago

  • Curtis Faith and the market state analysis

    От 04 октомври 2011 This is a quote from the book Way of the Turtle by Curtis M. Faith p.5...the market state. And that is the difference between the experienced technical trader from the newbie technica...

    4582 days ago

  • Should you use your intuition in your trading?

    ...e very interesting as they use a systematic analysis of the phenomenon. One of the...own observation among chartists and common technical analysis. There is level to be obtaine...Quite the opposite the more experience in technical analysis less you could use...

    4583 days ago

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