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  • A new Forex god

    ...large and clear trends not like nowadays complex triangular patterns. So veteran traders say it was easier to trade then following standard technical analysis methods (channel trading) and...

    3076 days ago

  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...ern trader not in the sense that it will replave the discretionary analysis but in the sense that it will...a open orders.  It is possible to use your own discretionary analysis for technical levels in order to place the...

    3365 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...ssifications of the channels is in fact the technical analysis.A channel defines a trading ra...and the gets back to the channel often the technical guys will tell you that you...0,5See chapter 13: Fractional noise ans R/S AnalysisFrom the book fractal market a...

    3461 days ago

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  • By the way this confirms my idea that a big part of the technical analysis stuff can be reduced to the linear regression.http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/11429/intro-to-linear-regression

    3104 days ago




  • Basic Technical Analysis Patterns

    От Technical Analysis

    Tags: technical analysis, patterns

    2564 days ago

  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Trading System

    ABSTRACT: Technical analysis is sometimes used in financial markets to assist traders make buying and selling decisions.   The success of technical analysis depends on how one interprets the available signals. Integration of human expertise into available models is considered to be ess...

    Tags: Fuzzy logic, technical analysis, trading system, genetic algorithm, portfolio allocation.

    2858 days ago

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