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  • ASCTrendBuySellExpert with Neural net basic version

    This version of the ASCtrend expert is using a radial basis activation function. Here I am using the  simplest architecture with just one neurone. Here we are not predicting anything we looking for the most adequate adaptation to the current market conditions. The training is really fast an...

    Tags: expert, tests, EA, neural net,

    2640 days ago

  • ASCTrend expert v.1.1

    This is the most basic epxert used to make the tests. It is based on the ASCtrend signal.  That is the expert I used to do the tests.  

    Tags: expert, tests

    2755 days ago

  • Optimization tests of Brain trend expert on UK 100, 30 m time frame

    For Brain Trend it is very important t oselect carefully the financial instrument you are going to trade.  Here I would like that with indexes there are some very good results. This is the result of the optimization on UK 100 since 11.08.2011 on 30 m time frame.  Well it is not really...

    Tags: expert, tests

    2755 days ago