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  • adrien ysos

    About me: I love programming and have always been recently programming robots trading. I'm still looking a complete programming environment such as Visual Studio 2013 integrated with a platform...

    2282 days ago

  • artes

    Brief description: Quantitative Trader - Arbitrage Trading - Coach

    2623 days ago

  • ffxbettor

    About me: My nickname (ffxbettor) stands for : - Froggy : obviously, I'm French - ForeX : well... not need to tell more - Bettor : I'm a gambler (in particular horse races in France) and I see trading as another possible game

    1337 days ago

  • Zdravko

    3673 days ago

  • Genchev

    About me: FX trading

    3673 days ago

  • vasi

    About me: ...day, 7 days a week - so you don't have to Our professional Forex Trading Team monitor 10 Currency pair...hort   Messages tell you when to buy and when to sell.   Trading opportunities are sent in rea...

    2757 days ago

  • S.Zhelev

    Interests: forex industry; forex trading

    3302 days ago