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  • adrien ysos

    I love programming and have always been recently programming robots trading. I'm still looking a complete programming environment such as Visual Studio 2013 integrated with a platform like cAlgo or ProTrader 3 Protrader3 is wonderful in terms of ergonomics, still waiting for the improvement of so...

    Tags: Trading, Programmation, Chess

    3200 days ago

  • Nice post on Machine Learning Trading

    Nice ideas on what to "train for" our trading machine learning models   http://mechanicalforex.com/2013/04/machine-learning-in-trading-differences-between-higher-and-lower-time-frames.html

    Tags: machine-learning, trading, daily bars

    3946 days ago

  • NLP modelling for traders

    The NLP modelling for traders is probably the most central implications in practice. The reason is that trading is difficult and very psychologically demanding. And that may crack psychically even the most brilliant minds. The ideas is to select the appropriate mind programs used by traders, to ...

    Tags: nlp, practice, trading

    4250 days ago

  • Trading NLP

    Trading NLP

    This is a group about the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in trading. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. The NLP states a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("l...

    Tags: nlp, trading, psychology

    4250 days ago

  • FXDD launches USD/CNY, USD/KRW, USD/TWD and USD/INR trading

    FXDD, a leading  US forex broker that lauched  offshore Chinese renminbi trading six months ago, today announced the addition of four new currency pairs available to retail traders through the firm's MetaTrader 4 platform

    Tags: fxdd, forex, yuan, renminbi, trading

    4406 days ago

  • What Wikipedia says about Forex: Forex a negative-sum game

    Forex trading is not a zero-sum game. When you all have to pay the spread it is actually a negative-sum game. So that is why to beat the spread is not as easy as some may expect, when you beat the spread then you have a fair game.

    Tags: trading, risk

    4473 days ago

  • Secret History of GoMarkets-go doesnt want you to find out

    Secret History of GoMarkets-go doesnt want you to find out

    Recently i have been searching about who owns go markets ,but couldnt find anything so i went to the ASIC(Australian Securities Investment Commission) website to check it out Here i get this> http://www2.search.asic.gov.au/cgi-bin/gns030c?acn=081_864_039&juris=9&hdtext=ACN&srchsrc=1 Go Market...

    Tags: go markets, forex brokers, trading

    4564 days ago

  • Another article about intuition and trading

    Here in this artcle I try to make the connection between the general progression of a trader according to Daryl Guppy. Even if he recognizes the fact that the more you are learning standard techical analysis the less would be your results. His answer is to use a system way of trading. However &n...

    Tags: remote viewing, trading

    4583 days ago

  • Zdravko

    FX trader

    Tags: marketing, trading

    4590 days ago

  • Ask London!

    Ask London!

    hello ,this group is made for all my subscribers ,here you can ask me questions and discuss whateva is on ur mind       www.londontrader.blogspot.com

    Tags: forex, forex trading, currensee, rent a signal, londontrader, forex forums, eurusd, xau, new world order, trading, stocks, options, signals

    4590 days ago

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